Animal Meat Rendering Plant | Pridham


Pridham operates an organic recycling business processing fat and bone from the meat industry. Our specialised fleet collects from butcher shops and boning rooms. The process of cooking fat and bone, rendering, is to evaporate the moisture and divide the liquid fat from the solid meat and bone. Pressing the hot material separates the tallow liquid from the cake. This cake is then ground to produce meat and bone meal. Rendering has often been referred to as an invisible industry that transforms by-products into useful products, extensively used but not well known.

Meat and bone meal is a valuable source of animal protein used in stock feed for intensive livestock production, pet food, acquaculture and fertiliser.

Tallow is the fat produced from rendering. It has a range of uses. The edible uses include dripping, industrial margarines and frying fats for the food industry. Tallow is used also in soap manufacture, stockfeed, pet food and is further processed into oleochemicals such as glycerine and stearic acid.

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