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Meat & Bone Meal

50% Meat and Bone Meal


The product is obtained from clean fresh fat and bone originating from boning rooms, butcher shops and supermarkets and processed by continuous high temperature dry rendering and grinding. It is exclusive of wool, hair and feather.

Due to only edible fat and bone being used as the raw material, the meat and bone is light in colour and displays little odour. These characteristics of light colour and favourable smell – lack of odour, makes it highly desirable to our customers.

Meat and bone meal is a valuable source of animal protein used in stock feed for intensive livestock production, pet food, aquaculture and fertiliser.

Physical Properties:

Colour – Light to golden brown.

Texture – Uniform fine powder.

Odour – Free from rancid odours.

Microbiological Requirements:

Peerless Holdings Pty Ltd aims to minimise the level of microbiological contamination of its rendered products by the adoption of the ARA Code of Practice for Hygienic Production of Rendered Products.


50% Meat and Bone Meal is despatched in bulk vehicles or in 1 mt Bulka bags.

Storage & Handling:

This product must be stored at ambient temperatures in clean, dry bins, free from foreign matter and high heat and exclude contamination from rodents, insects birds and any other animals.

Not suitable for ruminant animals.





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