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About Us

Our Business

We operate from Braybrook in Melbourne’s west making prime tallow and protein meal for stock feed, pet food, acquaculture and fertiliser.

Our Mission

Service to our customers and suppliers is a key goal. We strive to provide our raw material suppliers with service which is virtually invisible; reliably and efficiently removing fat and bone from retail butcher shops, boning rooms and abattoirs with a minimum of fuss! It is our objective to provide excellent customer service with efficient ordering and despatch through our courteous staff.

We seek to enhance the collective well being of the company shareholders, our employees, contractors and the community.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing value for our customers through products and services which meet their expectations;
  • creating a focused, informed, stimulating and safe workplace where each employee can make an effective contribution;
  • building better relationships with our customers, contractors, suppliers and the community based on integrity, honesty and responsibility; and
  • caring for the environment.

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